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Burlington, KY 41005

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GIS Data Subscriptions

Individuals and companies that have a need to possess Boone County’s GIS data for private or commercial use should consider becoming a Boone County GIS Data Subscriber. A Boone County GIS Subscription provides subscribers with access to over sixty GIS layers in Esri file geodatabase (FGDB) format. Additionally, we provide several of our key GIS layers in CAD (.DWG) format. A subscription also includes county-wide photography of the most current year captured by Boone County.

The advantage of purchasing a data subscription is that Data Subscribers have access to GIS/CAD data, standardized ArcMap (.MXD) and ArcReader (.PMF) projects, and over 600 Esri layer files (.LYR) that are continually maintained by the Boone County Planning Commission. We overwrite all of these files on our FTP site every day with changes made the day before, effectively giving you real-time access to the same data used by every public sector agency operating in Boone County. Data can also be distributed quarterly via regular mail on CD/DVD media for Data Subscribers that cannot download via FTP.

Boone County GIS staff will provide Data Subscribers with initial training and documentation regarding what information is included in the GIS/CAD data. Unfortunately, GIS Data Subscribers are not entitled to GIS application support or other on-site services at this time. Additional services such as analysis, data compilation and application services are available for an additional fee.

The current cost is $3,000 for the first year, then $2,000 for each consecutive year after the first.

Please contact us at or 859.334.2196 if you have any questions about becoming a Boone County GIS Data Subscriber.